Current Projects

The testaments of our competence, professionalism and innovation.


Shahad Center

Imam Mohammed bin Saudi Road, Riyadh

Purpose: Offices, Showrooms and Clinics
Rental area: 8,800 square meters

Shahad Center at Imam Mohammed bin Saudi Road, Riyadh which houses offices, showrooms and clinics.


Fotoon Center

North Ring Road, Riyadh

Purpose: Showrooms
Rental area: 6,300 square meters

Fotoon Center at North Ring Road, Riyadh hosting luxury showrooms


Reema building

Alolaya Road, Riyadh

Purpose: Offices and Showrooms
Rental Area: 2,625 square meters

Reema building at Alolaya Road, Riyadh which hosts offices and showrooms.


Alnakheel Complex

Alnakheel District, Riyadh

Purpose: Apartments
Rental Area: 1,000 square meters

Alnakheel Complex based in Alnakheel District, Riyadh which is an apartments complex.