Feature Projects

The testaments of our competence, professionalism and innovation.


Aljawhara Apartments complex

Alnakheel District, Riyadh

Purpose: Apartments
Rental Area: 3,289 square meters

We are seeking to develop the Aljawhara Apartments Complex at Alnakheel District, Riyadh, with a unique luxurious design to meet the growing need for residential spaces.


Almaha Tower

Alolaya Road, Riyadh

Purpose: Offices, Clinics and Showrooms
Rental Area: 2,625 square meters

Shumou is currently in the process of developing Almaha Tower at Alolaya Road, Riyadh which shall host offices, clinics and showrooms.


Khobar Square


Purpose: Shops and Restaurants
Rental area: 3,000 square meter

Khobar Square is another key project of Shumou which shall be established in Alkhobar to cater to the space needs of shops and restaurants.


Hitten District

Hittin District, Riyadh

Purpose: Multipurpose
Rental Area: 50,000 square meters

Shumou Square is expected to be developed in Hittin District, Riyadh and used as a multipurpose project, with an iconic design and services.